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Pahl & Associates Canada Immigration Consultants

Pahl & Associates is a United Kingdom-based firm that specialises in consulting on Canadian immigration law. We have been assisting clients in successfully achieving their goal of immigrating to Canada for the past two decades. As Canadian Immigration Consultants and members of The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC), an organisation whose mission is to represent the public interest, our conduct is governed by regulations. Pahl & Associates has been granted authorization and licensure by the Canadian government through CICC to operate as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs). This accreditation enables us to engage in direct public interactions and offer legal counsel pertaining to Canadian immigration.

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    We are here to help you achieve your immigration goal and to provide you the opportunity to begin a new life in Canada. Our mission is to present you with various opportunities. In order to effectively relocate to Canada, whether on a temporary or permanent basis, we are pleased to work with you to develop a strategy that is both practical and effective for navigating the immigration law system in Canada. We specialise in representing clients who are seeking  immigration via Canada spouse visa under Family Sponsorship and Express Entry routes for skilled workers.

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    Canada Temporary and Permanent Visa applications

    Skilled Worker - Express Entry


    Canada Visit Visa


    Study Permit


    Canada Family Class


    Canadian Citizenship



    Diverse group of Canada Express Entry Skilled Worker professionals standing in a circle with their hands together, symbolizing teamwork and collaboration across various occupations.

    Skilled Worker - Express Entry

    A program for skilled immigrants who want to settle in Canada permanently. The aim is to contribute to the Canadian economy based upon primarily work experience and qualifications.

    Aerial view of Niagara Falls with surrounding landscape, showcasing the majestic site on the Canada visit visa.

    Canada Visit Visa

    Every year millions of tourist visit Canada in to enjoy the many opportunities our country has to offer, including visiting family and friends. If you wish to come to Canada for a temporary purpose like a vacation or to visit family or friends.....

    Graduation cap on a stack of books beside a map of Canada, symbolizing education and the Canada Study Permit process.

    Study Permit

    Apply to study in Canada as an international student, extend your study permit and explore the possibility of working while you study or after you graduate.

    A happy family with two children sitting closely together and smiling at the camera, benefiting from Canada Family Sponsorship.

    Canada Family Class

    If you are eligible, you can sponsor your spouse, partner or dependent children to become permanent residents of Canada. We have specialised in this category of application for past 20 years.

    Application form for Canadian citizenship with a pen on top.

    Canadian Citizenship

    Explore your eligibility for Canadian citizenship or Proof of Citizenship and key requirement to prove your Canadian citizenship or for children born abroad to a Canadian parent.

    A Canada inadmissibility travel visa application form with a "denied" stamp, a pen, and a passport.


    Canada inadmissibility issues can arise when a Canadian immigration officer decides if you can enter Canada when you apply for a visa, an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA),


    What Our Clients Say About Us

    Pahl & Associates attach great significance to Google Reviews received from our past clients as it helps potential clients to gauge our level of service and professionalism. We positively encourage you to view our client reviews.

    Founded in 2003 by Canadian immigration law expert Balvinder Pahl LLb (Hons), Pahl & Associates has a wealth of experience in all areas of the Canadian immigration system. With a solid track record of successfully helping clients, Pahl & Associates prides itself on outstanding client care, professionalism and achieving the best outcome possible for each case. We are registered with The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants ( CICC ) and are authorised by the Canadian government in preparing and submitting visa applications on behalf of clients from any part of the world.

    We have experience in a wide variety of visa routes that are best suited to individuals and families. Whether you are coming to join your family or a partner, to work in Canada or to study, we can support you during the full application process.

    Whilst Pahl & Associates is based in London, UK and close to London Heathrow Airport. we can assist anyone remotely in the same manner as we would for our London-based clients. Through email, phone and video calls, you will receive the same level of care and professionalism for your case, while benefitting from the experience of a UK-based team.

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    Book a consultation with Pahl & Associates to assess your Canada immigration enquiry. Consultation charges will be deducted from your final fees should you retain our services. We offer both online and phone consultations.

      Canada Immigration Consultants - Services

      A consultation will allow Pahl & Associates to check eligibility and the legal merits of proposed visa application based on information provided by the client.
      Once we have carried out an initial assessment, we will advise you as to the prospects of your application being successful. You can then make an informed decision whether or not to instruct us to proceed with the application. We will not advise you to proceed with an application unless we believe you will have a reasonable chance of being successful.
      Typical scenarios for which a personal consultation is recommended.
      Complicated Cases
      Every person’s circumstances are different. It is crucial that in complicated cases where it is not clear whether or not you may qualify, we complete a detailed assessment of your circumstances by way of a consultation in order to consider your options and provide you with an informed opinion as to your prospects of being successful before proceeding with a full application service.
      Clients who are not sure
      If you think you may wish to proceed with a full application service but you are not completely sure, you may prefer to have a personal consultation prior to retaining the services of Pahl & Associates.
      Clients that only need to have a number of questions answered
      If you do not wish to engage a legal representative to prepare and submit your application, but have a number of questions to ask about your specific circumstances, or would like to discuss a number of specific documents, then a personal consultation may be the best option for you.
      Key Benefits of a Consultation
      A comprehensive overview of the visa process
      Advice on the visa routes available to you
      Benefits and disadvantages of each visa option
      Advice on any barriers you may have to face
      An indication of the processing timetable
      A summary of the total cost for the visa class selected
      An opportunity to ask key questions
      FEE: £125 consultation fee is payable. The consultation fee amount is deducted from any future fees if you decide to retain our full representation service.

      If you live outside London or are unable to schedule a personal consultation, our detailed and confidential Skype consultation is ideal option to discuss your immigration to Canada.

      Our Skype consultation will get you the answers you need quickly. A Skype consultation usually lasts 45 – 60 minutes.

      During the Skype Consultation will receive personal attention from Balvinder Pahl for all your immigration questions. Balvinder Pahl is dual Canadian and British national who is a Registered Certified Immigration Consultant and permanently based in London U. K.

      You will be able to discuss your particular situation to ensure that you understand the Canadian immigration requirements and allow Mr. Pahl to assess the legal merits of your proposed application. You will be able to raise any concerns that you may have about entering Canada and the process that IRCC uses for reviewing applications. We will provide you with the necessary advice on exactly how to proceed with your application.

      The SKYPE method of initial consultation is the preferred choice for most of our clients.

      In order to arrange Skype consultation please contact our office via email or by using form on our contact us page.

      FEE: £125 payable before the consultation takes place and is paid via bank transfer. The consultation fee amount is deducted from any future fees if you decide to retain our full representation services.


      In certain circumstances we may be able to offer an Application Checking Service to help reduce the risk of refusal or a common scenario of an application being returned as incomplete.

      Having your application checked by Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant prior to submission usually eliminates unnecessary mistakes and omissions whilst helping to identify more serious issues or possible refusal. Normally if your application is rejected you will forfeit your IRCC processing fees. If your application is not likely to be accepted (i.e. not meeting the basic criteria for the immigration class you are applying under) it is much better to know in advance.

      If you have made an omission, however minor, this will normally result in your application being returned which effectively means you have wasted several months and have to resubmit your application and end up at the back of the queue!

      Omissions and minor errors are common because as it isn’t always easy to understand what the questions on the application forms mean or to decipher the often conflicting and outdated information available on the internet.

      What this service includes:

      Your completed application will be reviewed and scrutinised by Balvinder Pahl a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant with 15 years of experience in managing Canadian visa applications.

      We will list any items that need to be corrected and provide instructions on what changes or additions you should make to both your application forms and supporting documents.

      Where necessary we will provide a further review of the corrected application before you submit your application

      What this service does NOT include:

      We will not make changes to your application forms or prepare any of your application – we will only review what you have prepared and advise you on what needs to be corrected.

      We will not become your appointed representatives or deal with the Canadian immigration authorities on your behalf.

      We will not review a partly completed application.

      We expect you to provide us with fully-completed application forms and bundle of supporting document.

      To start the process for your Canadian visa application, you can book an initial consultation via our Contact Us page.

      During the consultation, Pahl & Associates will provide tailored advice for your specific circumstances. If you have any preliminary questions prior to scheduling a consultation, feel free to email or phone our office.

      A person in a denim shirt points to the word "IMMIGRATION" and an icon of the Canadian flag on a transparent touchscreen, emphasizing the path to immigrate to Canada from the UK.

      Canada Immigration News

      Our Canadian immigration news articles are for general information only. Please note that as Canadian immigration is always evolving on a regular basis it is best to seek legal advise relevant to your particular circumstances and requirements.


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